New Upstairs Windows are IN!

Week 35 – Joe

We have reached another exciting milestone!  The new windows have been framed out and installed in Aiden’s room, Lucy’s room, and the upstairs bathroom.  They are aluminum clad wooden windows.  For those of you who might not know (I didn’t), that means that the exterior is aluminum and will never need to be repainted or maintained.  The interior is wood and can be painted to match our interior trim color.

Everyone likes “before and after” pictures, so here goes…

Lucy's room, the day we first saw the house
Lucy’s room, the day we first saw the house

And now…

Lucy's bright bedroom
Lucy’s bright bedroom

You can tell from the first photo that there used to be three windows in this room, but they were boarded up and replaced with the fan.  We kept the same idea, but enlarged the windows to adhere to the fire code for bedrooms.

Here is Aiden’s bedroom on our first day touring the house…

Aiden's room
Aiden’s room

And now…

Aiden's new window
Aiden’s new window

Our bathroom…

Our first view of the future upstairs bathroom
Our first view of the future upstairs bathroom

After new windows, a tub, plumbing, and framing…

Upstairs bathroom
Upstairs bathroom

There was a window up near the roof in the central area of the upstairs that had been removed and covered with siding many years ago…

Inside view of the old window
Inside view of the old window

Now there is light!

New window in an original window location
New window in an original window location

Here are some photos of the exterior:


The day we bought the house
Before new windows

Now the front looks like this…

The new front
The new front

Here is another view that shows the upper gable window and a peak of Aiden’s window on the side of the house.

new windows are installed
new windows are installed

Our original color choice for the window sashes was red, then we changed our mind about 10 times as we reconsidered the color of the house and trim.  As you can see, we settled back to our original choice.  Sometime in the future we will disclose our colors for the rest of the house.  I have been busy, as always, working on windows.  Obviously all of the old windows are being painted to match these new ones.

Our carpenter is working for us the next couple weeks.  That means more exciting updates coming soon!

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  1. Aunt Janet says:

    WOW moving right along Lapka’s. Love the new windows….and the rooms are awesome. Keep up the great work….you are working miracles. LOL Hugs and Love, AUNT JANET XOXo


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